Advocate Advisors works with company owners and their management teams to objectively assess their strategic position and potential options as they relate to strategic planning, growth strategies, process efficiency, valuation, capital structure, debt and equity capital options, succession and exit planning, and transaction timing. We are independent and conflict-free, ensuring that our advice is always in the best interests of the company’s shareholders. We provide a Strategic Assessment as a standalone engagement with no further commitment required from our clients, or as an integrated part of larger M&A or capital funding engagements.


Sell Side

For most business owners their company is their life’s work, and the decision, strategy, timing, and other considerations in selling it can be overwhelming. Whether it’s funding a new life of luxury, or part of a strategy to escape difficult times, all the financial, personal, and psychological aspects of a sale for all stakeholders must be accommodated.

Advocate Advisors has special expertise in sell-side advisory. The team members are investment bankers and entrepreneurs who have owned, operated, grown, and exited companies successfully, under good and bad circumstances, with many lessons learned. Some members have also been on the acquisition side of the table and understand the mindset and behaviors of buyers, investors, and lenders.

Small and mid-sized enterprises usually don’t have the same access to the capital markets as do larger companies. We find that every company is unique in its circumstances and value. Advocate brings access to over a thousand buyers, investors, and lenders to the small and mid-sized market to find those parties that will understand and appreciate your unique situation and place the highest value on your business.

Your company circumstances are unique, and the strategy, timing, and process to get to the best outcomes must also be unique. The process can range from a broad market search to hundreds of suitors to discreet and confidential discussions with a handful of select, potential buyers or investors. In the case of financial distress, we have specialized expertise in the processes of restructuring, Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors (ABCs), receiverships, UCC Article 9 sales, bankruptcy sales, and DIP financing.

Common elements must be a part of every process. These elements include::

  • Objective financial and strategic analyses,

  • The identification of the most appropriate transaction type and potential transaction partners,

  • The creation of compelling marketing materials that highlight the most valuable attributes of the company and creates a bidding dynamic,

  • Management coaching and preparation for participating in the overall process, including potential buyer discussions, and the diligence activities.

  • Negotiation of deal structures and transaction terms that are the best for you and your stakeholders at the transaction closing and beyond.

All activities must take place with the highest integrity, collaboration, and confidentiality, with great sensitivity to the impact on employees, suppliers, customers, and competitors who may also be your best suitors.

Buy Side

Our Strategic and Capital Advisory practice often precedes our sell side advisory with focus on funding expansion and strategic acquisitions. Not only do we well understand the mindset and practices of sellers, our principals have previous roles in valuation and buy-side diligence as part of large corporate buyers and private equity investors.


Sourcing capital in the form of senior or junior debt, mezzanine capital, or equity capital allows you to recapitalize your company to fund working capital, expansion, strategic investments, or provide liquidity for shareholder distributions or succession and exit plans.

Once we understand the most effective capital structure for your needs, we access hundreds of funding sources that include commercial banks, asset-based lenders, mezzanine lenders, private equity and venture capital firms, and other alternative lenders. We source capital even in the most challenging financing situations.

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