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Why Are We Different?

The founders of Advocate Advisors are investment bankers and entrepreneurs who have owned, operated, grown, and exited companies very successfully. Some have been members of family offices or executives of large corporations who regularly acquired companies, so we also understand the mindset and behaviors of buyers, investors, and lenders.

We also understand the confidentiality and discretion that is required to minimize market damage to our clients’ companies and the sensitivities associated with employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors. There are many elements of the M&A process and capital markets that business owners need to know to protect their best interests.

How Are We Different?

We are not a typical investment bank. Unlike some investment banks, we have no conflicts of interest. We don’t provide accounting services, buy companies, manage funds, lend money, invest, or underwrite.

Other investment banks will emphasize their “relationships” which too often means that your company, your life’s work, may be a pawn in a larger industry game of buying favor with repeat buyers and favorite lenders. The reality is that the buyer, investor, or lender that’s the best fit for your company truly wants your business and will value it highly, regardless of any relationship. You just need an investment bank like Advocate Advisors that will make the extra effort to find them and find them quickly.

Investment banks will also talk about their fast and efficient transaction processes, but all too often it means their production-line approach, processed by a boiler room of young associates, compromises the effort necessary to truly understand your unique situation, assess all your options, create the best strategy to meet your needs, and conduct a fast, but exhaustive, search to find the best-fit parties for you.


The only thing we can predict in business is change, and change brings both opportunities and challenges. Whether you need funds to capitalize on a new strategic opportunity, get you through a rough patch, or simply allow your shareholders to transition out, we are happy to provide an assessment that will objectively and candidly help you understand all your strategic alternatives and guide you to the best possible outcome for the company and its stakeholders.

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